Since 2019, BUILD has worked with and learned from hundreds of Disciplined Leaders. Here’s what they’re saying about their experience with BUILD Coaching Company:


Put simply, Disciplined Leaders are what we call our clients and our coaches. WE are an army that is committed to the following:

Doing what we say we’re going to do. This is Integrity 101.

Being on time and prepared. Promptness and organization are choices.

Prioritizing family teams over work teams. A win at work is not worth a loss a home.

Relationships over transactions. Money is an echo of value.

Continual improvement. The best get better.

Taking ownership and being humble. We’re narrow focused, not narrow-minded.

The cliché. Personal growth and development works…if you work it.

Action over intention. Motivation is real, but discipline generates results.

A consistent morning routine. The best stuff is the toughest stuff.

A positive and energetic yet controlled attitude. We shout praise, whisper criticism.

A relentless work ethic. We BUILD plow horses, not show horses.

SOURCES: Todd Rogers, Buffini & Company, Jocko Willink, Jon Gordon, Jim Collins